Bumble & StarFriendly - Who wins?

The most trending dating apps like Bumble and Starfriendly should be more convenient and inclusive for mature communities like teenagers, students and adults. The whole Bumble secret is to give each category the opportunity to find what they are looking for and also the freedom. Modern people have not so much free time today because they need to work and to be up to date with world-changes. That’s why they have native communication and real meetings not so often so they want. And also this message takes a logical thought to the humanity - how to save a time and stay up to date in the same period? And question is simple: you can have communications online. Generally, it means websites and apps.

What is Bumble?

For many people bumble means speaking in a faltering manner. So.. it means you need time to find someone. Who wins? Today if you are looking for some social or dating app you have a lot of variants: starting from such known and big brands like Mamba, Badoo, Bumble, Tinder and quite new app like Starfriendly.

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If we speak about apps, it’s important to understand one thing: they can be different. For example, if you want to find your true love or new partner - you would looking more for a datings apps. Now we have a lot of them in the internet and can download it on the phone and use it easy. One well known dating-app Bumble is a good example of this occasion.

What is a Bumble for users? This app was created in 2014 like a social-dating app, but is it really so? This app provides such ides like Tinder or Badoo, general thought is that you can download it, sign up and choose the person which you like. The architecture of Bumble is close to the many dating apps: you see profiles and can or like someone or swipe it away. This rule is usual in the space of dating-apps and practice shows that it’s work good and members endorse and like it.

But if we speak about not just searching a lovers and partners, but about new friends, such apps like Bumble or all well-known and «old» resources can be not so effective. They offer the similar ideas of searching a person by choosing some parameters (age, gender, appearance), but it’s still closer to the situation where you want to find your potential couple.

So, which app you need to choose, if you want to expand the space of searching and find also friends and some events in your city? The new app StarFriedly would help you. This app is new, but already has a members who mark it as a true social-dating app. What’s a new and unusual it has? Extremely new view of searching friends and love is in special fetch: you need to make a mark on the map.

It sounds easy and you can be not surprised, but this fitch is resultative. In StarFriendly you need to make a personal page (write some information about yourself and add your photo) and choose your location. But when you would make a map on the map - it will help you quickly and simply, because with it you will stay up to date with events and new of your city.

Having a mark on the map also will help you to see people nearby and it can be a good reason to communicate with them «by the way» or decide to drink a coffee, for example.

So, StarFriendly is continue to get popularity and new users, and this app also has a regular process of modernization and updating, because life is so dynamic and fluently, and we always need to have new information and know about popular trends. Stay up to date with StarFriendly and enjoy it!

Then this social and dating app is exactly what you need. Download the app NOW!

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