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It's not a secret for everyone that meetup apps like Meetup and Starfriendly offer dating and social communication, which is necessary for everyone from time to time. Statistic shows, that today more than 60% of users dating-apps and social medias stay satisfied in it. That’s not a big surprise, because in 21 century this way of finding love and friendship is a one of the most available methods for busy people. In the market of online-services such products as a dating-apps has a big popularity. But which one would help you better and how to choose right variant?


For example, well known apps like a Tinder, Badoo, Mamba or Meetup has a good reputation and high level of popularity in the different periods. Are they provide the same politic or has a similar architecture? Yes, a little. They offer to members the one general idea - you can find your true love or friends you have never had before. Instruments they use is close to each other and sometimes you can’t understand the principle difference when you are thinking which one app you better to choose.

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One known product from online-market of dating is a Meetup app. This platform isn’t new for members, because it was based more than 25 ago. We can say, that this website is a one of the most old networks for searching friends or couple’s. Now it’s available for about 50 countries and members can use 12 languages here. The most important thought of this platform is that you have opportunity to find what are you looking for - love, friends, romantic dates. The Match provides such instruments for your searching like your privacy page with photos and basic information about you, also it has a thing similar to Badoo or Tinder: after using filters of your searching you can choose potential couple or swipe it off (if you don’t like the profile you see).

All in all, such apps like the Meetup or Badoo has a high level of popularity and number of their members is growing up now. But what if you want something else? What if you are looking for not just searching a couple? Today it is very important to stay up to the modern and important events, news, and places in your city. Would such dating-apps help you with it?

The extremely new seeing of dating-social app has a new one platform-StarFriendly. This app was created recently, but already has a number of members and their high marks. New fitch helps to users to make a searching process easier and more resultative. Using this app you can make a mark on the map, this action affords to other people to see your location and to understand better your plans or believes.

Why is it so important to have a such fitch? If we need to compare between such popular apps like a Tinder or Meetup and new app like a StarFriendly, we can see a difference in a general idea: StarFriendly is a not just dating-app. It’s a completely new social-dating product. It just starts to having a popularity, but already has a progress.

So, today each one can make a choice of a final decision : which one app or a website is better and closer to him? You need to decide what’s goal you have and after choose a product. Starfriendly will be the best one.. be sure)

Then this social and dating app is exactly what you need. Download the app NOW!

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