Tinder vs StarFriendly : how to find true love of your life?

Today many people use online dating apps like Tinder in Appstore, it has such important benefit as a quick and useful possibility to choose profiles & hook up which they need and like. Online-datings are used around the world in more than a hundred countries and growing numbers very fast. You can use them in different languages, and their general features are available for all their users. But how people have to determine which’s app they can trust?

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One from the absolutely new point of views what should be dating-app is an adding points of presence at the map by StarFriendly. This app is positioned like a modern opportunity to see all available people nearby, as well as meetup them, chat, show your news to others and mark your location on the map. StarFriendly gives to users possibility to find a partner simply by using search settings according to the required parameters: your goals, living expenses, interests, appearance and etc.

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And if we speak about dating-apps we couldn’t forget about such known app as Tinder. What is Tinder? It’s dating-app and social discovery app in one. To sign up for Tinder, users will need to download the app and write basic information like your age, location, gender, and gender preferences and goals. Tinder's app functions is simple: you swipe to indicate who you are most interested in. If another person swipes right, both of you are matched, and you can start chatting with one another who swiped you.

Generally, all dating-apps provides to people similar things, like available base of users who wants to find a couple or new friends. In the 21 century online-datings isn’t something strange or doesn’t understandable for young and also older people.That’s why such apps standing more and more popular every day in the world. But actually question is which one apps you can trust?

To compare two apps which can help you to find your true love or good friends, we have to look at the basic characteristics and features they’re provides. StarFriendly is an app that available for downloading just recently, in the same time Tinder is known by users about 10 years. The general structure of them both are similar: user have to provide important information (like your age, gender, goals and etc), posts some photos and «choose the needed search-area». It means choose some perimeters of your searching which can be expected age, goals or location of your potential couple.

Tinder is a useful dating-app if you want to find people who has expected age and interests by your personal believes. Also, you can make your search-area closer if you’ll choose perimeter of location (like from one to ten or twenty km around you).

The one important thing we have in the StarFriendly. In this app you have opportunity to make a mark on the map. Your location will help you to find people nearby and stay up to date with events that take place in your city. This is a new view on a process of searching and communication in a dating-app. It has to help users to reach their goals quickly and simply.

All in all, it’s difficult to make a one whole recommendation or get an answer which one app you better need to choose. On the one hand, level of popularity and numbers of downloading can be a reason to decision-making in their bless. On the other hand, new ideas and unusual features very often has a great feedback from users. Try to start new ideas and use new interesting apps and enjoy it!

Then this social and dating app is exactly what you need. Download the app NOW!

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