Badoo & StarFriendly dating apps with new view of couple search

Nowadays using dating apps like Badoo is an absolutely usual and modern practice for many young and also adult people in the world. The general and the most important resource for the many mens and women now is a time. Thats why dating apps Starfriendly or Badoo are so popular and needed by millions of people: they can save a time and find some information or make some personal conclusions before the real date. If we speak about dating apps, we need to understand that on the internet nowadays we have to view many available variants of choice. All dating apps have a similar goal: to find your true love or real friendship. But, the methods of reaching this goals are particularly different.

How Badoo Works

For example, we could look at the one of the most popular dating app for young people - Badoo. What is Badoo? It is dating app and also discovery app in one. You can use many languages here and download it in more than 190 countries. How is it work? Firstly, you need to download app and sign up. Then, user can write some information about his/her age, gender, appearance, and about goals you want to reach by it. It seems easy and resultative for users and for 80% of them it is so. But one uncomfortable part of Badoo is a system and methods of searching.

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This app let you to choose close destination (a few kilometers as minimum) for find people you needed. But is it really can be resultative? Sometimes such destination as a 5 km from you can be an another part of city or suburb. So, thats why part of members stoped to use it and tried to find alternative and modern app.

Today we can define as the such «modern» app new dating app StarFriendly. What is it? StarFriendly, in general, is a platform where you can find your couple or new lovers, friends and etc. Also this app has help to users to stay up to date with events in their city. It is can be possible by using one new fitch from StarFriendly, this fitch affords you to make a mark on the map. Making a mark on the map helps members and users to make a searching process more effective and easier.

StarFriendly has a simple, but right structure and architecture. You need to download app, choose some parameters like an age or appearance description, use your general goals and expectation from this app. The next step is to choose your location (country, city) and make a special mark on a map. What does it mean? You need to decide where you want to search your couple/spend a time/meet new friends and just take it on the map. Other users in your city will see it and understand. All in all, we can suppose, that this new and unusual fitch would help to make a searching more resultative and level of communications will rise up.

Despite of a huge number of dating apps, not so many of them really can give to you result that you want. Thats why sometimes you don’t know what’s app you better download: popular, but doesn’t effective, or something not so known with a modern fitches?

One big plus of a dating apps is an opportunity to look at the potential couple and know some information about his/her life before a live meet. StarFriendly also can make a process of «first internet-date» more effective by using a special parameter, which demonstrates level of income. Users can write it and show which things they are expect from datings and relationships. In the 21 century this moment is still important and needed for people.

Then this social and dating app is exactly what you need. Download the app NOW!

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